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Here is a Dutch-inspired block plane I just built. Very easy and lots of fun. I had an extra Lie-Nielsen #102 iron so I designed the plane  around it.


I knew it was going to have a traditional wedge so that would be simple. The body, however, required some thought and patience.

Using some David Stanley catalogs as inspiration, I came up with a concept. Based loosely on the Dutch plane, I made mine with a square sole. It provide more heft and the wider iron. It also kept the bronze sole plate easy and straightforward.

I wanted to keep the overall length at 4”. Also, because it is sure to be a regular user, I incorporated a bronze sole.

I don’t have a lot of pics of the build. I was nose to the grindstone on this project. But, please enjoy these few pics.

Looking for inspiration. Ahh... found it! Thanks David Stanley.

Layout complete using the L-N #102 iron @1-1/4” width.

This after I used rasps and files. Metal files leave a fine finish.


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