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Lots of angles on the wedge. Here it is roughed out for initial fitting.
I picked ebony for the contrast.

Another view of the wedge.

Now that I have the initial geometry worked out, I will taper the sides as well. These angle are very shallow; maybe 3-4 degrees from parallel. The cheeks will be quite thin in spots. I want the wedge to be firmly in place and centered. I do not want such an angle that the wedge force cracks the body.

Now itís working. What a relief...

This was the most time consuming part of the build. I want to get the wedge perfect before adding the heel cap. That geometry is a whole new set of challenges. My hat is off to maker Ollie Sparks for his inspiring design and precision.

Here Iím chopping out the heel for the wedge.

The chisel is working across grain at an obtuse angle. The horizontal cuts are parallel to the grain. It is a little tricky and messy. Well, itís just more area for the glue to fill and adhere.

The finished pocket. It turned out well. Another moment of relief.


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