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This Boxwood Low-angle Smoother with a bronze sole and snecked iron was inspired by a plane made by maker Olie Sparks.



First things first, I need to acknowledge the pioneering and game-changing work put into this plane design by Ollie Sparks. His work in making a contemporary version of the plane provided me both inspiration and a firm resolve to attempt this myself. While there are subtle changes in my plane, I tried to recreate the work that he had done before.

This plane proved to be the most challenging build for me yet. It was both very challenging and very instructional. In truth, I had to start and stop this build many times just to take the necessary mental breaks.

I used a beautiful chunk of English Boxwood provided by Boxwood-monger extraordinaire, Huw Crompton. It initially measured 7” x 2-1/2” x 3” height. The final plane would measure 1-5/8” wide x 2-1/2” height x 6” length. It will have a snecked iron with a Damasteel accent and be 1/8” thick x 2” wide.

The plane specifications are:

  1. Low-angle coffin smoother

  2. Plane Measurements: 1-5/8” wide x 2-1/2” height x 6” length

  3. 15 degree bed angle

  4. 22 degree wedge angle

  5. Bronze sole plate

  6. Tongue and groove mouth

  7. Tight mouth - 1/16” wide

  8. Bevel up snecked iron - 1/8” thick x 2” wide

Here is how I build it.

After making the birds beak mouth, it’s time to rough out the throat.

Slowly chopping to the lines.

I found this piece of 1/8” x 2” bronze plate that will make the sole plate.


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