A Traditional Tool Chest in Two Days with Christopher Schwarz Video Download

A Traditional Tool Chest in Two Days with Christopher Schwarz Video Download


Woodworkers who use traditional tool chests swear they ™re the most convenient way to organize tools for work...[Read More]
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Making and Using Tools - Planes, Scrapers, and Shaves

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When the saw-nut holes were drilled and the blade was test fitted, I moved on to drilling holes with brace and bit to quickly remove the larger curved parts.

From there, I moved on to shaping the body with a bowsaw, rasps, files, and sandpaper. A technique that I always use is to create a template of my original drawing by photocopying it onto cardstock and adhering it with Loctite 100 adhesive spray.

Once shaped to a perfect fit to my hand, the blade could be installed and the kerfing plane could be used. However, to give me more control in its use, I went on to design and build a fence that could be adjusted to various widths along two ¾” walnut dowels.

Back at my drawing board, I drafted the design of the bridle to the required dimensions. The bridle would have a ¼” brass thumbscrew and nut as well as two 1/8” brass rod stabilizers to hold the upper clamp securely against the dowels.

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