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English Boxwood and Gabon Ebony Pencil Gauge by Jim Hendricks

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So this is the basic idea... Laminated pieces, stock running
in between the boxwood blocks and riding on the ebony base.

Back in the shop...

Time to pull out the French curves.

The Knew Concepts saw armed with a Pégas No.5 blade is so accurate
it's frightening! Ogee cut in one pass grazing the layout line the whole way.

As I used a lathe to make the hardware. I started with a locking knob.

After knurling I used a parting tool edge to give a crisp line to the top and bottom of the knurl. The top was also recessed to give a datum line for the bevel I will cut once the inlay has been added.

The top is then recessed to allow an ebony cylinder to be inserted as a black polished button on the top.


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