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Sliding dovetail handle test - a frightening bit!!!

Having tuned the iron pocket, bed, and wedge I now had to cut a sliding dovetail for the handle. I am terrified... yes I sure am. One slip now and a week and a lot of money down the tubes.

A test dovetail was made using a test handle in apple. The only problem...I had no dimensioned apple... only a log!

So that was ripped using Jaws II and then smoothed. The handle blank roughly cut then a dovetail test in oak.

Once I proved I could do that it was off to cut into the black gold!

This is the only other English hardwood I have... an apple log I think... fruit of some kind anyway... could even be pear.

JAWS II made light work of this... it's sharp!!

Straight and true! Boy, I love this old saw. It has seen some
things in over a century.

... and to the line as always.

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