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Making a Winding Sticks by Jim Hendricks

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Apparently, to make cabinets you need winding sticks.




The trouble with wandering into the mysterious world of real woodworking, aka - making furniture, is that you need a whole bunch of new gizmos to do it properly!
The benefit of being an amateur woodworker i.e. a toolmaker is that you can make these gizmos!

Apparently, to make cabinets you need winding sticks. I often see people peering at them and go "umph" and then whittling a bit more stock off a board!

So I went in search of old Georgian ones. There are two things wrong with this plan. Firstly, most are warped but more importantly, they are so rare that you have to remortgage the house to buy them!

So I made a pair. This is the story, just in case anyone is crazy enough to want to spend so much time and effort making a pair of turbo Bo Sticks!!

Laminating two pieces of English hardwood, walnut and oak, opposing cuts so hopefully they will counter warp each other. As they are also both cut from exactly the same piece. Any change in one from the humidity will affect the other similarly. Since line is relative this means they may be out a bit from flat but they will both be out the same amount, cancelling the error. Well that's the theory anyway.

Project like this requires precision, so "Richard" was brought out for the occasion. He performed as expected.

Don't you just LOVE two woods together - lots of multicolored lace!


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