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Scottish Panel Plane by Jim Hendricks

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Without any doubt my little Scottish infill panel plane is my most “go to” plane of all.



Another masterpiece from my favourite auction site, this plane came to me fairly cheaply but in need of quite a bit of work.

The things needing doing were:

  1. Lever cap screw missing

  2. No iron or cap iron

  3. Large chip to rear handle

  4. Heavy staining to steel parts

  5. Very dirty and poorly oiled infills.

The first thing to tackle was the chip to the rear handle…as the sharp edge was very uncomfortable to hold and would certainly render the plane unusable for any prolonged periods.

Like all these repairs… knowledge gained from restoring vintage guitars came in to play and the first rule of thumb is to cut out all damage completely.

Pretty frightening! The beautiful double sided Japanese Ryoba plane comes into its own here as you can safely cut down to just shy of the required depth by adjusting the saw accordingly.

It is a testament to the usefulness of Japanese tools in general, that I can use them with great precision to repair an old British infill…. one of my Japanese bevel-edge chisels being used to tidy up the remaining wood.

A number of very specialist tools are useful both in guitar repairs and making as they are to the repair of these valuable planes.


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