A Cabinetmaker's Notebook

A CabMaker's Notebook


A well known work by Krenov, this is the first in a series of four books written about the art and craft of cabinetmaking....[Read More]
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Bench Chisels

Bench Chisels

This will probably
be one of the most beneficial hours
you have spent learning woodwork. Chisels are such a fundamental...
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Bit Braces

Swan Chisels


English Hand Tools with Jim Hendricks

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A few tools are considered uniquely British but few are
more deserving of this definition than the old "pig sticker" mortise chisel.




Still made in England today, this design hasn't changed much in more than two centuries, proof if it were needed that it was perfect to begin with.

The strength of this style of mortise chisel is pretty obvious - brute force and virtual indestructibility.

Sharpened up with a flat or even slightly convex bevel, these chisel can be pounded to cut and levered hard to remove waste.

These are a few of mine... all very old and one or two needing new handles.

Learn how. Discover why. Build better.
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Norris Planes

English Chisel



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