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For years I have been attracted to tools that were uniquely British... the infills... the wooden moulding planes and perhaps the most unique...the "delicately" named "pig sticker".

This type of mortise chisel shouts "mean and nasty" and its bark truly is as sharp as its bite!!

Recently... the English mortise chisel, to give it its correct name, has been the focus of new interest... due in no small part to the folks at Tools For Working Wood and the great toolmaker Ray Iles... so I have placed a link at the bottom for anyone interested in further reading.

My small selection amassed from Kentish fields for a quid a pop or latterly from eBay nearly as cheaply are revered a little more now I have seen the price of new ones!!

My makers vary... some are very old, some only perhaps a tad newer but they all still work for their keep... as do all my old gems.



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