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Recent conversations on Unplugged Woodworkers about honing, had me thinking about diamond lapping paste and how it performs.


So... since I have waterstones up to 8000 I thought I would see how a couple of tubes of the finer stuff improved things.

I used photocopy paper to protect my 10mm float glass plate and polished with; first 20,000 mesh - about 1 micron, and then finished with 30,000 mesh or < 0.5 micron. As can be seen, metal definitely comes off with both and the finish is like glass.

Because of the gap between my finest waterstone and the first paste, I have ordered a set for more controlled testing but so far... results look impressive!

The basic test - the Clifton block plane 01 cryogenic steel, two grades of diamond paste 20,000 mesh (yellow) and 30,000 mesh (green), 10mm float glass from Workshop Heaven.

Paste rubbed on paper to prevent scratching of the lapping plate glass surface. Note how much metal comes off in the first pass, top right!

Might as well be a mirror!!! Impressive!

Further tests to be made with the complete set of pastes... so far - looks good.


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