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Joe Laviolette recently recommended this Japanese 300mm rip saw to the group, and Joe knows his onions.

So I thought I should try it!


GEEEEEE LOUISE and whoop de doo... this is one lethal piece of steel.

With one tooth per county... it's like the steel version of Jaws!

But like all Japanese saws, it's highly accurate, really fast, and a dream to use!

I bought the spare blade only because I make handles to my own design. This time it's bubinga. I had a piece just the right size.

Thanks Joe! Great advice!

Bubinga a hard-wearing timber and looks nice too.

First to shape to a square handle and then bevel using my little boxwood mitre plane which is ideal for this job.

This saw blade is available only from Japan at the moment from the link here.

The specification is: 0.66mm plate, 0.93mm kerf, 4-8 tpi, 300mm blade length.

On the handles I make for these saws I cut enough semi-circles to act as finger holds and then rub them all into a smooth row using progressively finer grits.

Here we can see the shape of the handle in full.

The little HNT Gordon "jack" plane makes the surface so smooth it's ready for immediate finishing in Tru-Oil. I will put just enough to protect it without making it glossy and too slippery.


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