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... I pulled out the little German ryoba double-edged saw and ripped it to thickness.


Both sides were then planed flat. I used "Richard", my infill panel plane for this job... the grain was reversing more than my missus trying to park... and "Richard" doesn't give a hoot about that little inconvenience! (the grain not her parking!!)

The obligatory shaving shots are included... it seemed only right... Next week I will mark the body up, ready for shaping.

Shaping the Handle

Today I tidied up the outline to an accurate shadow line this time and then set about shaping the centre hand hold.

I discussed the old processes involved in this with others at Richard Arnold's charity event and speculated that originally they would have put this in a jig and turned it on a lathe. The reason I think this is that there are witness circle cuts decorating the far ends of the shaping and these are perfect rounds. But most people I spoke to figured I could do it by hand - eye and rasp - yeh, right! Ok, here you go - my attempt at getting it right follows!

The main tool for this is a continental hand-stitched rasp from Workshop Heaven. It's a very aggressive tool for hogging off material, but the random stitching makes it surprisingly controllable and quite subtle too when necessary.

Hand stitched rasps are ideal for this sort of work.

The irregular pattern of the stitching allows for fast hogging of material but if you back off the cut a slight amount, a fairly fine finish can be achieved.

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