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English Hand Tools with Jim Hendricks

  Brace Yourselves! - Building a Reproduction of 19th Century English Brace 1 of 23  

I finally can do something with that walnut! For ages now I have had a nice lump of English walnut sitting in the workshop.


It was a gift from my mate Douglas and I've wanted to do something special with it. So today I finally got off my backside and out into the summer sunshine with my best mate ALFIE...

I have a number of 19th century examples, all with something needing doing to them!

One has lost its bit release button... one has a repaired crack... and the worst but prettiest.. has been in and out if ICU over many decades and in a sorry state indeed! So, I thought I'd make a KT Tools one.

Just a rough outline, no need to be super accurate,
as long as we have spare stock overhang.

Now I must apologize up front for the use of a devil with little 10 bootfair Burgess 3-wheel bandsaw....but there was a little too much for this old git to "cope" by hand! I hope you will forgive me and the dreadful pun!!

If anyone seriously thinks that I was going to cut English walnut
that thick with a coping saw they've got another thing coming!

Once the basic shape was cut out and measurements transfered...

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