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  Thomas Holt - Lewes, East Sussex, 1756-1780 1 of 3  

This huge ogee is very rare with less than 200 known examples remaining from this provincial maker.


The town of Lewes is about one hour's drive south of me and is steeped in history.

The town of Lewes from the Castle. (Image courtesy Wikipedia).

The Holt family were wood turners and occupied a tenement in the High Street, now No.12, just scraping a living. I have mentioned Thomas and John Holt before, and I believe John was Thomas' son as he operated during 1776-1812.

Tiny streets of Lewes.

Lewes was a thriving seaport back in the 18th century and it is highly likely the father and son were kept in business making shipwright's tools and later moulding planes for building the high class houses and furniture in nearby Hastings to the East and Brighton to the West.

In lovely condition for 250 years old this huge ogee sports a stonkin' iron which simply needs a quick tickle to get it cutting again.

This 250 year old moulding plane is in stunningly beautiful condition.

Fine crisp lines with virtually no damage.

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