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A shoulder plane is a low angle, bevel up fine surgical instrument with
a tight mouth.


It differs from a rebate or fillister plane in that they are open mouth, high angle, bevel down hoggers. These planes remove stock fast but not as accurate as shoulder planes. To remove stock to the line, a shoulder plane is better tool. It provides accurate cut and clean and square corners.

For this purpose the iron on a shoulder plane is slightly wider than the mouth so it can get right into the corners of shoulders, rebates and dados.

Commonly shoulder planes are 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" though some exceptions are wider or narrower.

Which to use is directly related to the type of work you do. For finer work, like I generally do in toolmaking, smaller ones are best my favorite being 3/4". The wider it is the easier to level but for thin dados etc., it won't fit. So it's a trade off if your work is wide ranging. In this case the 1" or 1 1/4" may be more useful.

This Gabriel moving fillister was used to hog out a shoulder fast.
I could have used a rebate but since I recently restored this gem,
I thought I might take him for a test drive.

This is a quality plane made by a maker over 200 years old.

Yet it can still hog out clean shavings after two centuries!

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