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  The Old Horned Hobel Scrubs Up Well! 1 of 2  

I have long thought that the narrow "kleiner hobel" would make a stonking scrub plane so when I got this little horned beauty this weekend it was straight out to try an iron I had in mind.

I have a very highly cambered new old stock iron by WK & C Peace and it took seconds to hone.

An old pine beam has been annoying me for a while as it was badly cupped and slightly twisted too... a great candidate to test my new scrub plane!

Boy this was fun!!!

Less than a minute ripped the hill out...and Alex my razee jack then flattened it... leaving beautiful witness marks for fun!

It's a keeper for sure!

Armed with its new iron this plane rips!

New from the "Eagle Works" and stored for decades!

Wow! Sharp authority!

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