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  Restoring Lambeth Paperweight - Norris No. 7 Shoulder Plane 1 of 6  

A friend, Ted Cole, of this parish recently acquired a Norris No.7 shoulder plane minus its iron and wedge, from John Crocker also of this parish.

Apparently it was lately used as a paperweight, which is to be expected of these "West Country types". No respect for us Londoners!!!

Anyway, I felt duty bound to rectify this abuse and restore this Lambeth (south London borough) masterpiece to working condition again. Ted assisted by getting a replacement iron and sending it to the wilds of Kent for fixing up.

Matching the infill wood is a tad difficult these days so I opted for some old mahogany and tinted it's color in attempt to match the front piece.

I thought it may be helpful to others to show some tinting and figure matching techniques at the same time.

The "paperweight!!!"

I couldn't wait to use my new smoother to bring the wedge
stock to smooth thickness.

Lots of lovely shavings...

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