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ago I
picked up a beautiful Holtzapffel's Archimedean drill.




The cost was a tiny fraction of the normal price since it was missing a vital bit - the main handle for the speed nut drive.

It may seem this is a difficult restoration but of all the parts which could have been lost this is in fact the easiest to replace by a long chalk!! Getting a suitable bit of ebony was a bit of a giggle but it arrived yesterday so today I set to work on it.

All the bits were there apart from the main handle. This is a drawing of what I think it should look like.

Even the tang on the speed nut is gorgeous. Barbed and tapered, locks into place automatically.

The test handle from Workshop Heaven is for chisels and rasps so it was ok to prove the drill with a handle will work, but I needed a real replacement.

This is some sort of ebony... not true African, not black enough or so it seemed. Roughing it out on Old Taylor.

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